Individual and Group Lessons delivered on-line through Skype, Google Hangouts or a virtual classroom. Simple technology which makes learning English online easy and fun.

Why Learning On-line is Good

All of the students I have convinced to learn English on-line have been surprised just what a fantastic experience it can be. Lesson times are flexible and can fit around you,  your work and social life more easily. The Internet provides a huge range of listening and reading materials that give plenty to talk about and lots to learn.

All the lessons can be recorded and detailed feedback can be given to help you improve n your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

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Individual Lessons

Lessons from 1-2 hours.

Intensive courses available.[/one_half]



Private Lessons
From €25 per hour


Personalised Content

Courses can be designed around your needs, and what you want to learn: for example

[ult_toggle title="Business English" ]The English you need to communicate in the world of work. Extra help is given with email and telephone communication. Business related vocabulary, formal grammar structures and much more.[/ult_toggle]

[ult_toggle title="English for selling" ] Help get your message right so people get interested in your product or service. This course includes: writing for the web, writing sales brochures, and business English.[/ult_toggle]

[ult_toggle title="Academic English" ] How to write clear academic essays, theses and reports; taking effective lecture notes, listening to lectures, presenting arguments, vocabulary focused on your area of study.[/ult_toggle]

[ult_toggle title="Exam Preparation" ] Support available for all Cambridge University language exams.[/ult_toggle]

[ult_toggle title="General English" ] The full range of English that you need for social situations and travelling abroad. Attention is given to helping you communicate fluently. Lots of conversation and pronunciation work.[/ult_toggle]

[ult_toggle title="Global English" ] A course designed for intelligent adults, covering a range of engaging topics.[/ult_toggle]


Group Lessons

In the virtual classroom, groups of a maximum of five students practice conversation, build vocabulary, listen to lots of English, practice grammar forms, and have interesting conversations.

The Groups are:

1½ -2 hours per week. Set times. Downloadable lesson record so if you miss the lesson you can watch it again.

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The Tools We Can Use.

As well as a Virtual Classroom, we can also use the following free services:

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Group Prices:

From €15 per hour


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