Creating a website has become easier and easier. With a little training and some-one to hold your hand, you can do a lot of the work yourself for surprisingly little money. Perhaps you'd like someone to get you started, someone who can create you a functional and attractive website that you can manage yourself, or perhaps you'd like to simply email text and photos to someone who you can trust to put them on your site quickly -digital-daniel offers exactly this.

Creating Websites

I create a site that you can update yourself easily. I will help you think through what you want your site to do, how to help people find your site and design your site with your clients or potential clients in mind.  Your site can be hosted with digitial-daniel or with another website host. To give your website an attractive look you can choose from a huge selection of themes, or I will build a theme for you.

Writing New Content

Working with you we decide the pages you will need and how people will navigate through your site. We will then write the text, create any graphics you need and make the site look and feel user-friendly. needed for each page, making sure we use keywords regularly and naturally.

SEO Optimisation

The text written in English will be optimised for English search engines, the multi-lingual texts will be generated and search engine optimised.

Marketing strategy

Incorporate your site to a wider strategy, including Facebook and Google+, local flyering campaigns.

Training on how to use the site

I will teach you how to use your new site and how to keep it updated. Periodically, I will point out useful functions and challenge you to use them, so that you really are getting the most out of your website

Updating the site

Keeping the site updated with fresh, new content can be as easy as sending a couple of photos via an email. Or you can write content in you mother tongue and have multi-lingual translations ready in as little as a day.


Set-up charges €300

Special Offers

Italian clients, particularly those from non-governmental organisations delivering European projects, educational establishments or artists and artisans who have small enterprises can benefit from a range of additional linguistic support packages including lessons, translations and proof reading and checking services directly related to their work.

Ongoing charges: €25-35 per hour. Each activity is billed by the minute.




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